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Practice Update

My Dearest Clients,

It has been quite a while since I have reached out. Like many of you, I have had to navigate through the uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought upon the world. What comes up is different for everyone. It has been heavy, and finding the light can be difficult.

Personally, I have been taking time to rest, spend time with my parents who are both in the most vulnerable population due to their health issues, and also allowing myself to remain open to joy and possibility amidst the distress.

I have went through it all. Grieved my former practice and way of doing things. I felt the anger and frustration of losing control and having to let go and surrender, the fear of loss, and facing my own mortality and the mortality of the people around me and across the globe. I still feel the guilt of thinking of myself during this time while countless others suffer. I feel and have felt the weight of it all. I do my best to surrender to it, and take things day by day, and sometimes moment by moment. Each day is different, and I find my own anxiety levels fluctuate and some days are better than others. Meditation, herbs and deep breathing help.

It has been approximately two months since unofficially closing and I’m not entirely sure what the future holds. I have learned that I am OK with that and hopeful of the future regardless of how this all shapes up. Overall, I look forward to connection, either in person or virtually.

In practice I have taken a pause and slowed down. With my parents’ health and my being in close proximity with them, I have limited in-person treatments. It have been difficult and to be honest, I miss you all tremendously. After reviewing public health protocols and setting up the office to follow those guidelines, I can happily say I am offering in-office treatments. I am also offering video consultation calls via Zoom. At first, I was skeptical of the tele-health model, but I have done a few this past month and found them to be so helpful. Especially for those patients who, like me, need to limit their physical contact with others.

For in-office visits, I will be wearing my mask, wiping down all surfaces with disinfectant before and after each visit and washing hands and using sanitizer often. If bodywork is needed I will be wearing disposable gloves. I have also allowed for time in between each patient so I can properly disinfect between sessions.

For Video Calls, I’ll be addressing general health concerns, offering herbal formulas, meditations and acupressure points that I can easily guide you through. With how isolated everyone has been lately, those video calls can be powerful. I have even expanded to herbal pharmacy to accommodate more orders that can be easily shipped. I’m most excited about this because I have been wanting to focus on the pharmacy for a while but didn’t have the time.

I’m doing my best to adapt to this new (not)normal without diluting my offerings and I think I have been able to achieve that. I’m excited to share it all and reconnect!

Everything around you may look the same and yet different, a little surreal and mostly confusing. I want you to know that I am here, I understand, I am with you, and I am here for you.

If you feel called to schedule either a video consultation or an in-person office session you can email me, or send me a text at (619) 491-6474. Regardless of scheduling, I’d love an email from you to know how you are doing, and how you’ve been holding up and if there is any way I can help ease this process for you.

With so much gratitude and love,

Dr. Mili

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