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All Fired Up

Rest in Resistance

The seeds planted this winter sprouted this spring and are reaching their fullest expansion as the summer season unfolds.  

Normally we would be celebrating the new flowers decorating our gardens and enjoying joy filled moments in the endless sunshine while connecting with our friends, loved ones and communities.  These characteristics are typical to fire season, aka. summer.  

This year I am still seeing those qualities but see it all manifesting differently.  Right now, we are coming together and strengthening our connection to the greater good as well as deepening our connection to ourselves and our surrounding communities.

Anger, rage, frustration, grief, and the deep rooted trauma of witnessing countless acts of violence against people of color fuel a global movement that needs to be sustained to order to create lasting transformation and not only destruction and dismantling of systems.

As we approach the summer solstice where fire and summer are in its fullest expansion, it’s important to take some time to allow for rest.  Burnout is real, and it is a result of pushing further than what you are capable of in this moment.  

T.S. Elliot said “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”  In this time, it’s imperative that we push our boundaries and move beyond comfort zones to initiate radical change.  But in pushing ourselves, remember to take breaks, breathe, expand and go inwards. 

We started this season with the gusto of birth, death and survival and as we fight for life, specifically black lives, it’s important to make time, and fill space with moments that fill you up with joy and happiness to recuperate from the much needed work for burning up old, outdated and hateful structures and systems that have plagued the global consciousness, and transmute them into something stronger, and built to serve and uplift black and brown communities on a local level, which will then go on to positively effect the global community. 

Tending to your own inner fire will give you the endurance, warmth and connection to push onwards.   

Fire, the element of summer, represents love, warmth, connection and is capable of creating great transformation.  When tended to properly, it can burn for ages.  Let your fire burn strong, do the work, and rest and recoup when needed.

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