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Tending the Fire

“The Fire Element which follows in the cycle of creation is that future becoming real, the stage of the cycle which sees our hopes and dreams fulfilled.” – JR Worsley

Ways to tend to your inner fire this summer

Self Care practices for radical rest in-between protesting and calling and emailing your government officials.

These are merely suggestions and intended to heighten your self-care experience by allowing yourself to take in what the season naturally, and graciously offers us, without question, every. single. year.  

  1. Practice Mindfulness.  Ok, I know, it’s such a basic suggestion and I’m *almost* embarassed to recommend it because it is SO obvious but, honestly, really hard to practice.  So this is more of a reminder to be mindful and present.  Think of those endless summer days when you were young and they days lasted for what felt like forever.  Each moment had our full presence.  So bring that focus back.  A relaxed and gentle focus that allows you to take in all the good around you.  A few things you can focus on to really help in harnessing that fire energy this summer are witnessing the beauty of a flower in full bloom, smelling the sweet fragrance of flowers in bloom, meditating on the color red and pink, a visual meditation where you watch fire (I use a candle), take a walk in nature and watch everything at play.  It will be great I promise.
  2. Spend time with those you love.  Fire fuels passion and love.   Connecting with your people, whether they are family or friends or your pet family, allows you to relax, be vulnerable and share experiences.  This allows for more joy, and more joy is always a good thing.
  3. Do the things that bring you joy and happiness.  That could be creating art, dancing, skinny dipping…whatever it is, do it (but safety first please).
  4. Connect with Spirit.  Whatever that means to you, whether you believe in God, or the Universe, or just believing in the power of love, connect to that and feel the warmth of connection all around you.  That energy exists within you, and flows through you, your relationships and to all the people you come in contact with.  It is that inner fire that burns deep within each one of us and allows us the ability to feel at one with the people we interact with.  
  5. Laugh more.  Joy and laughter help to dissipate stagnant energy and allow for more lightness of being to come into our mental spaces.  As long as it isn’t harmful humor, go ahead, make your jokes.  

I hope that these suggestions prove to be helpful in your self care practices this summer.  I’ll be focusing on one each weekly, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

If you feel like you need more assistance in your mental health self care routine, you can contact me for more information :

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