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Allow me to help you find balance within your mind, body, and soul through Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

How It Works

Step 1

Schedule your Acupuncture appointment with me through the links on this page, or contact me directly on the contact page.

Step 2

Fill out your detailed health history when scheduling your appointment and come to your Acupuncture appointment prepared to discuss your current concerns.

Step 3

Arrive to your scheduled Acupuncture appointment on time wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that can be easily rolled above your elbows and knees.

Step 4

Relax and enjoy your appointment as you begin to experience the wonderful benefits that Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have to offer you. 

Acupuncture Services & Prices

First VisiT



In your first visit we will spend a full 90 min together going over your health history,  developing a treatment strategy, and completing your first Acupuncture treatment.

Return Visit



Your return visits will be a 60 min treatment session where we go over any changes in your health or lifestyle, as well as anything new you'd like to discuss. Then we move forward with your Acupuncture treatment.

Mini Session



For those with a hectic schedule, I also offer 30 min mini sessions. We will have a very brief intake and then jump right into your Acupuncture treatment.

Adjunct Treatment Modalities

If and when it fits your diagnosis and treatment principle, I may include some adjunct treatment modalities during your Acupuncture session to best serve you and your overall health. 

Note: I do NOT offer these as stand alone treatments for patients.

Herbal medicine consultation

I have an in-house herbal pharmacy where I can formulate herbs to best fit your needs. Herbal 

               formulas can cost around $40 per month or less for on-going therapies. 

Moxibustion / Moxa

Moxa is a heat therapy that helps to warm the meridians and can help with blood circulation,

               digestive issues, gynecological conditions, immune system, and more.


Cupping helps to increase blood circulation, relieve muscular pain and tension, increase muscle

               recovery speed, and promote relaxation.  Depending on the type of cupping and your body, you

               may see red or purplish circles where the cups were placed. These marks may last up to 10 days.


Some light use of massage may occur during your treatment to help promote relaxation, increase

               blood flow, and reduce pain. 

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is not only great for your face, but with the right tool it can be used most places of the

               body to help remedy muscular or fascial pain and increase blood circulation. 


In addition to using Acupuncture needles to stimulate points, I may also use Acupressure to do so. 

Herbal Liniments

Herbal Liniments are topical herbal formulas that can be used for wide range of conditions including

               skin, muscle, connective tissue, and bone. 

Essential oil therapy

Essential oils are a great way to enhance your treatment, boost your mood, and promote relaxation.

heat & Light therapy

Heat & Light therapy are wonderful ways to augment your treatment and help you feel your best. 

dietary & lifestyle coaching

Through my own health journey, my studies, and my experience as a practitioner, I have developed

               many dietary and lifestyle skills to help coach you toward feeling your best. 

What Patients Say

Ms. Shah's warm and caring nature coupled with her professionalism and knowledge make her a gem in the TCM community. Her multi faceted approach not only utilizes acupuncture and herbs but massage therapy, essential oils, cranial sacral therapy and much more. She has been treating me for awhile now and I ALWAYS feel better after the treatment. I would highly urge anyone considering trying or embarking on the path to Chinese medicinal healing to go here. You will be hooked.

Randy S. San Diego, CA

Mili is an excellent practitioner of many modalities. She is a brilliant Chinese herbalist making custom formulas for individuals.

Her acupuncture technique is gentle yet effective. She does cranial sacral therapy, all types of massage, and is a powerful energy healer.

She was born to take care of others and does it with grace and passion.

J R. San Diego, CA

Ready to Feel Your Best?

The time is now to prioritize your health and wellbeing. Book your appointment today and see what Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can do for you!

Dr. Mili Shah, L.Ac, DACM