Five Element Acupuncture works to create sustainable harmony within your mind and body through careful observation of your specific imbalance.

I practice Classical Five Element Acupuncture, a powerful system of acupuncture that unlocks your deepest healing intelligence and allows you to align with your truest self.  By providing access to this deep healing reserve that exists in each one of us, your symptoms start to fall away as you stand strong and resilient in health, happiness and peace. 

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Individualized Care

Each person receives the same level of focused care.  I do a complete evaluation to find the root cause of imbalance.  My approach is specialized and therefore do not use protocols, but rather utilize different techniques depending on what is presenting during the course of treatment while focusing on aligning the root imbalance.

Mental Health Matters

Your mental health matters and is considered and addressed in every treatment.  Through careful observation and conversation, blocks to healing on both mental and physical levels are acknowledged and recognized and allow a safe space for expression.

Connection and Compassion

I am committed to approach each individual with compassion and kindness.  I choose to approach each session with presence and thoughtfulness.  When space for healing opens up for one person, healing can be achieved for the surrounding community.  Through true connection I believe that another level of healing can be achieved.

"Mili is an amazing acupuncturist! I feel so fortunate that I was introduced to her.  She has been critical in helping me find balance mental, emotional, and physical and I've gone through fertility treatments.  Her treatments are relaxing.  Her office and energy are calming.  I truly look forward to each treatment, knowing I'll feel healthier and calmer when I leave the office.  I highly recommend Mili!" -H.F.

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