Natural Medicine for Mental Health

Are you suffering from anxiety and/or depression?  Having mood swings?  Do you have chronic pain or IBD associated with your depression, anxiety or mood swings?

I can help with that.

I practice an ancient medicine that looks beyond your physical symptoms and directly addresses the mind, body and spirit connection to treat the root cause of your distress.

Through careful observation and really listening to what YOU are experiencing, I'm able to facilitate change and truly unlock your own healing potential.  

I use a potent combination of Classical Five Element Acupuncture and Neural Manipulation.  

The main goal with treatment is to move towards your best self so that you can achieve daily calm and peace and live your life simply.

I have been helping people find balance since 2009.  These sessions help you unlock the magnificent being your are at your core.  


Acupuncture poses many benefits for both the body and the mind.  It is a 3000+ year old tradition that brings balance into our modern world.  

Neural Manipulation

A gentle form of bodywork that helps to unlock different layers of fascia to help with mobility and healing from physical pain and trauma.  

Dr. Mili

My passion is helping people find joy and peace in their lives.  Through experiencing both depression and anxiety in the past, along with trainings and learned techniques, I'm able to meet you where you are and uncover the path towards health.

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