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Your First Visit

A lot of people have questions regarding what to expect on their first visit.  I've listed and answered some of the most common questions below...

How long is the first visit?

Your first visit will be 90 minutes (an hour and a half).  If it is your first virtual appointment, your visit will be about 60 minutes (one hour).  For neural manipulation your visits will be 90 minutes (and hour and a half) in duration.  

Are there any forms to fill out?

Forms will be available online and a link is sent to your email address.  Providing the correct information is important here because your forms and log-in information is based on your email.  The forms and instructions are easy to follow and can be completed on your phone, tablet or computer.  

Is there parking?

Yes, parking is located off of Georgia street, through the alleyway that runs parallel to El Cajon Boulevard.  The driveway located off of El Cajon Boulevard is actually the parking lot exit, and to enter you have to go around to the alleyway entrance off of Georgia Street.  If there is no parking in the lot, there is plenty of parking on Georgia Street and the surrounding area.  

What should I wear?

Wear loose fitting clothing that can easily be rolled up above your knees or elbows.  Depending on what points I need to use, I may need access to the back or chest as well.  Sports bras are not recommended unless they can be undone in the back.  Leggings are also not recommended as they can be too tight to pull above the knees.  Obviously, I will still be able to treat regardless of what you are wearing, and these are just recommendations so I can best serve you.

Does it hurt?

It shouldn't hurt.  You may feel a dull sensation around the needle, or a strong sensation of the muscle or fascia in NM, but no pain.  If something is painful you can communicate that to me and I can adjust.

Do you take insurance?

I don't bill insurance.  Look at the FAQs about fees and payment to learn more.

What should I expect in the first visit?

In the in-office session, first part of your visit will be a detailed health and social history followed by the actual treatment.  For virtual sessions, it will be similar, only I will be instructing you on acupressure points to press on yourself, using a kit that I send you before your appointment.  After the treatment, we will talk about treatment plan, herbal recommendations and lifestyle recommendations.  I might even give you some "homework" for the next visit.  After that, we book future visits and take payment.  That's it!

Pricing Information

This is THE most common question, and I am all about transparency.  My prices will be listed in here and below in the pricing table.  Below are a few more questions that have come up that I'm happy to answer below...

How much will it cost?

For Acupuncture your initial fee is $180 and follow-up visits are $120

For NM your visits will be $120

For Virtual Appointments your initial fee is $130 and follow-up virtual appointments are $85

The cost of herbs depends on what is prescribed but on average can cost about 40/month for ongoing therapeutic dosages.  This is a conservative estimate and could cost more but probably less.

What payment methods are accepted?

Methods of payment accepted are cash, venmo, zelle, paypal, all major credit cards, FSA and HSA accounts.

Why did your price go up?

Prices increase a small percentage yearly to offset increasing costs due to inflation.  I hadn't increased my prices in 2020 and 2021, and so the recent increase takes that into account.

*prices are current as of April, 2022

Do you take insurance?

Short answer, No.  Insurance is not billed, nor am I in-network with any providers.  A super-bill can be provided after you pay for your visit for you to submit for re-imbursement.  If you have an HSA or FSA account you can use that as well.

What happens if I miss an appointment or need to cancel?

A reminder is scheduled to be sent 48 hours before your appointment to remind to to reschedule or cancel if you can't make it in.  For late cancellations or missed appointments you will be charged the cost of your appointment.  If this fee is not paid within 60 days of your missed appointment the invoice will be sent to collections.  Thank you in advance for respecting our time together!

When do I pay?

Payment is expected after your treatment.  I don't hold credit or prepayment for services, nor do I offer packages.  You just pay at the end of your session.  For your convenience I can keep your card on file to ease the checkout process.  You can refer to the above question on forms of payment.  

Information of Covid 19 Protocols

***Please note that even though San Diego has lifted the mask mandate for public spaces, that has not included medical offices.  We will continue to wear masks until numbers stabilize for an extended period of time.  Some more information below...

What precautions are you taking?

We are following the safe practice guidelines listed out by the California Department of Public Health as well as the CDC recommendations.  That means, masks, social distancing, hand washing, hand sanitizer, air filters and purifiers, and proper antiseptic practices between patients.  

What should I do if I'm sick?

If you've been in contact with others in the days leading up to you feeling symptoms, I would go get tested and then immediately go home and get some rest.  If you need herbs I can mail them or drop them off!  

Do I need a mask even though I've been vaccinated?

As of right now, Yes.  San Diego County still requires masks in medical settings and technically this is a medical setting, and the office is located in a medical complex.  Until the mask mandate is fully lifted, and rates of exposure to the virus and its variants start to decline and stabilize, I will continue to require masks.  If you don't have one, I can provide one.

Session Pricing and Online Offerings

Your First Acupuncture or NM session costs :


Your Follow-up sessions with me cost:


Health Courses and webinars for patients and Education Materials for Students:


Health resources on the blog and youtube 


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