What Patients Say

"I love being able to help patients achieve their health goals and feel like their best selves. Nothing gives me more joy than to hear how my patients feel after our Acupuncture and Chinese medicine sessions in University Heights, San Diego. I can't wait to help you on your healing journey!"

- Dr. Mili Shah, L.Ac, DACM

Just got back from an acupuncture session with Mili and I'm feeling great.

I may have overdone it at the gym yesterday doing squats and deadlifts (because I'm hardcore like that), and, despite the excellence of my lifting form, my low back and indeed my entire posterior chain seized up.

Fortunately I am mighty, so I was able to hobble in to see Mili. She was able to work it all out with a combination of acupuncture, massage, and some kind of warm tingly oil. Now I'm back to feeling great!

I can't wait to injure myself again just so I can come see Mili!

Nicholas D. San Diego, CA

I took my 3.5 year old son to Mili for cranial sacral to help him sleep better (he flops around a lot and wakes multiple times during the night). His pediatrician recommended this as his little cranium was smooshed from enduring intense contractions the entire last month I was pregnant. He doesn't sit still long enough for the whole treatment but she does what she can within the time he'll allow. He slept a lot better after the first treatment. He asked to go see her again the following week. He slept even better after that time. She's wonderful with kids in addition to being great at what she does.

I liked her so much, I made an appointment for myself for massage and acupuncture looking for relief from chronic sinus pain. After the first treatment, I could immediately breathe better and could feel my ear draining (in a good way); I didn't even realize my ear was congested!

We'll definitely be back!

BoogalooBaby Y. San Diego, CA

I highly recommend Mili.  Are you looking for an exceptional, experienced and highly intuitive Health Practitioner? Mili does it all. I feel so lucky to have found Mili, I know I'm in great hands. Thank you Mili for helping me get back on track and guiding me to my best health.

Shell K.  La Jolla, CA 

Since I've been coming to Mili, my migraines and back pain have been significantly helped. The pain has lessened dramatically. She also was able to help with a cold or flu that I had been trying to fight.

Staci S. Coronado, CA

Mili is incredibly gifted at what she does. She literally worked miracles during my last few months of pregnancy. Her massages are amazing.

Megan D. San Diego, CA

I had acupuncture before and I thought it was great until I met Mili. I've had a knot in my shoulder the size of a tennis ball for about five years! After a few treatments I can hardly feel it. NO ONE before has ever been able to fix it until I met her.  She is awesome and beyond talented. Mili is a must.

Billy S. Houston, TX

My daughter broke out into a horrible rash after a short virus recently, something the doctor said would take a week to clear.

Mili was able to do acupuncture on her (shows her unbelievable patience / my daughter is 3) and the rash resolved in 2 days completely. I can also say her massages are out of this world, especially her scalp massage! (My whole family is addicted!!!)

Puja S. Encinitas, CA

When you're feeling depressed, one hour out of your life each week makes such a difference. Milli takes time with the service provided to you. Since I have been coming to her my whole world has changed in a positive way.

Jodi B. Poway, CA

Mili Shah is such a caring and nurturing practitioner. Had an amazing session with her and she helped heal problems I have been having for a while. Really cares about her patients. Went here when I visited San Diego and will come back!

Anuj S. Brooklyn, NY

Mili is amazing!! I never miss my weekly appointment. I leave feeling fresh and ready for my week.

Devin C. San Diego, CA

Truly an experience like no other. Her unique approach is nurturing and comforting. Magical hands from many realms with herbal and aroma adventures. Thank you for your impeccable techniques, laughs, genuine heart, and really an experience worth living for.

I've been fighting gout for sometime now and her herbal remedies and intuitive touch with massage and needles have been giving me life! I truly can't say thank you enough because as anyone could imagine who deals with gout; painful and walking on glass.

I love and appreciate you thank you Dr. Mili!!!

Virgil S. San Diego, CA

Great experience I had in my first acupuncture session with Mili. She is very knowledgeable and did a great job explaining the treatment and benefits. She also makes you feel very comfortable. If you are looking for a great acupuncture, I definitely recommend Mili.

Kenia C. San Diego, CA

I definitely recommend Dr. Mili Shah for acupuncture. I was a little nervous going into my first appointment, but as soon as I arrived Dr. Shah put me at ease. Her acupuncture treatment space is warm, inviting, and relaxing. Before getting started, we spent some time talking about my health history, any pain I've had in the body, how I was feeling on a mental and emotional level, and what my goals were for the treatment. I left my acupuncture appointment feeling amazing and can't wait to come back!

Alex G. San Diego, CA

She is one of the most knowledgeable clinicians I have ever come across. Her voice is really soothing and makes the acupuncture sessions so rewarding. She is honest and her fees are so reasonable from what I have come across.

Kavi S. Woodbury, NY

I have been getting acupuncture for the last 10 years, and Mili Shah is by far the most comprehensive practitioner that I have seen yet. She is great at incorporating myofascial therapy and visceral manipulation into her acupuncture treatments, and also has a talent for identifying the additional things I should do to keep myself healthy. I've been feeling great since I began seeing her, so I try to make it in as often as possible.

Eric B. San Diego, CA

Mili Shah is not just your certified acupuncturist, she is a real life changing friend. You can entrust not only your physical challenges with her but also you can open your thoughts or any emotional baggage with her and she will not judge you. I came for her services and she knows exactly what I need. I know I'm on the road towards healing, but more I am grateful about is that I have found a real friend.

Tonette M. San Diego, CA

Mili's smile, laugh and personality is infectious. Just being in her beautiful room makes me feel at peace, comforted and loved. When she is working on me it feels like mother earth is listening to my body. I highly recommend seeing Mili whether or not you have a current "Issue" I guarantee you will just feel amazing after it.

Tess H. San Diego, CA

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