Virtual Appointments

Herbs, certain food therapies and lifestyle suggestions are a great way to enhance your health without In-office visits.  In your first  consultation we will have a talk about your health goals and I will prescribe and mail you your personalized herbal formula and acupressure points with tools and instructions on how to self-treat at home.

Courses and Webinars

I love breaking down certain health topics and offering a more holistic approach to common health goals.  I've created some educational materials on important topics that are useful easy to follow.  Some of the topics include circadian cycles, mental health, seasonal wellness, elimination diets, natural fertility, and healing from leaky gut and SIBO.   

The Blog

I enjoy sharing information on Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, healing foods, trending health topics, recipes, home health remedies and herbal medicine.  The blog is a place to learn and share what I've found to be helpful to those on their healing journey.  I also include insight into my own personal healing journey and some resources that have helped me.  

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