Some Helpful Information For Your First Visit

If you are visiting the office for the first time, your navigation will bring you to an alleyway off of Georgia Street.  Follow those instructions.  The entrance to the parking lot is through an alley off of Georgia Street.
If you are unable to find parking in the lot, there is plenty of parking in the surrounding area, both metered and unmetered.
Your first visit will be approximately two hours where I will be taking an extensive history and physical exam.  I will be testing and clearing any blocks to energy as they come up.
For your first session, I recommend you don’t wear any perfumes, heavily perfumed make-up, foundation or undereye concealer.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be rolled up above elbows or knees.  
Please take any regularly prescribed medications.
I usually recommend 3-5 weekly visits after your initial treatment.  After your third visit I will re-assess frequency based on your individual needs. 
There is not a specific amount of time I can place on anyone’s healing journey.  We all heal at the rate nature intends.  
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